Mummy Comfort Amoo 20th

Sis. Dotun Kuteyi – 20th

Pastor Christopher Egbune -20th


Ephesians 5:23-30; GENESIS 18:19

 SPEAKER: DR henry owie



GOD is the ultimate loving and winning Father. That is the only infallible example of this type of Father that exists. The rest exists in earthen vessels. Our texts describe the love a father should have to his wife and then his children and finally showed us GOD-approved example of a father in the person of Abraham. We need to ask questions to be able to rightly do Justice to this message. Some of these would be:


·         Who is a father?

·         What qualifies someone to be called a father?

·         What factors make the person a father?


Who is a Father?

The Bible describes him as a person who begets another. Genesis 10:24 & 26 

II. What Qualifies Someone to Be Called A Father?

The three things stand out that qualifies a person to be called a father. 

makes a man. These are:

·         That he will command his children and household.

·         He will lead them to keep the way of the Lord.

·         He will teach them the principles of fairness and justice. A man who cannot do these, before the eyes of the LORD is less than a father.


III. What Factors Make A Person A Father?

1) ) He is a Big Picture Thinker. 

2) He is a Creative Thinker. 

3) He is a Realistic Thinker. 

4) He is a Strategic Thinker.

5) He is a Possibility Thinker. 

6) He is a Reflective Thinker. 

7) He is a focused thinker. 

8) He is Bottom Line Thinker. 



On this Father’s Day, let’s choose to be like Abraham to God for the privileged approval of GOD and not of men. GOD be with us in JESUS’S NAME. Happy Father’s Day!!!



F – friendship – you are a true friend

A – affection – you always display your love for me

T – teacher – you have been and still are my best life teacher

H – humor – you display and showed me the importance of laughter

E – enthusiasm – your never discouraged, you always encouraged

R – role model – you are an example for me to follow!


v  God has Opened Your chapter Like Modeciah and Your destiny helpers Will loose their rest till they locate you this week in Jesus’Name

v   Over that Battle the enemy designed to End your life, God has declared you a winner in Jesus’Name

v  The Lord will reveal Himself to you as the All Sufficient One.; He will meet you at every point of your need this week in Jesus’Name

v  You are moving from Not Enough to MORE THAN ENOUGH in Jesus’Name

v  The Lord will bring every limitation in your life to an end in Jesus’Name

v  Every ridiculing circumstance is terminated today and your restoration is coming with Great Compensation in Jesus’Name

v  Any altar sponsoring the current affliction in Your Life and Family catch fire and burn to ashes in Jesus’Name



Dear men… You needn’t be a biological daddy to be a FATHER! If you have ever given a child cause to smile…you are a father.

If you have ever wiped tears off the face of a mother…you are a father.

If you have ever been there for a child that didn’t come from you…you are a father.

If you have ever made an orphan to NOT feel the absence of a parent…you are a father.

If a younger one has ever looked up to you for the right path…you are a father

If you have ever put bread on the table of a hungry child…you are a father.

If you have ever shown a young one the right path…you are a father.

If you have ever made any worthwhile effort towards a child out there…you are a father.

If you have ever been PRESENT in the life of a child…you are a father.

If you have ever considered the well-being of a child –via your actions…you are a father.

If a child has never met hurts, misery, abuse or sorrow in your hands…you are a father.

If you have ever been a solution to a child in need…you are a father.

If your conduct has ever given HOPE to young ones…you are a father.

If you are the reason a child is in -school/ good health today… you are a father.