Prophetic Utternaces

This Week



v  In this month of December, all doors are opening, Laughter upon laughter, Good News upon Good News, your good days are here; your j.   

     joyful days are here; Carry it right now! In Jesus’ Name

v  Every projection around your life that make people not to like you expires today in Jesus’ Name

v  When the brightness of your light is at its peak, there will be no sudden darkness in Jesus’ Name

v  You will not laugh publicly in this season, and later cry privately in Jesus’ Name

v  You are breaking out this season from activities without results and efforts without evidence in Jesus’ Name

v  Your true greatness is bursting out today as every confinement and walls of limitation are broken and destroyed in Jesus’ Name

v  You will be visible and attractive to as many as will do you good this December in Jesus’ Name

v  The Lord will take away anything within you that will stop another person from receiving Jesus as Saviour and Lord in Jesus’ Name

v  In the midst of the darkness of this world, your light will shine brighter and brighter unto a perfect day in Jesus’ Name