Prophetic Utternaces

This Week


Every power that wants you to remain a slave forever, expires by fire in Jesus’ Name

v  Where the enemy says there is no way for youAlmighty God will make a way for you in Jesus’ Name

v  Every stubborn pursuer of your life and destiny shall drown, in the Red Sea of his/her own making in Jesus’ Name

v  Every opposition against the WIIL and Purpose of God Almighty in your life scattered in Jesus’ Name

v  Every invisible marks and labels of rejection and disfavour on any part of my body, is blotted out by the blood of Jesus‘ Name

v  The Almighty God, from henceforth, turns your disgrace into grace, your shame to fame, your labour to favour, your story to glory, your pressure to pleasure and your pain to gain, in Jesus‘ Name

v  Every area of your life that you have lost to failure shall be restored back to you one billion-fold in Jesus‘ Name

v  Our heavenly Father, in His Almightiness will Order Our Steps Today So That We Shall Be ithe Right Place, at the Right Time Doing the Right Things in Jesus’ Name