Our Belief

Our belief is based on core biblical truths we call the 22 tenets of faith. We believe in The Holy Scripture, The Plan of Redemption, The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Heaven, Tithe and Offering, Moderation, Divine Healing, Civil Government and lots of other amazing truths.

Our Doctrine

The Foursquare Church exists to glorify God and advance His kingdom. Our call is to preach Jesus Christ, God’s Son, as The Savior, The Baptizer, The Healer and The Coming King. We are committed to plant churches in all corners of the world proclaiming the gospel of Christ.

Our Ministries

Our Church is blessed with people of different colour, tribes and personalities. Thus we reach out to one another in our various groups such as The Children, The Teenagers and Youths, Men and Women. We share the Love of Christ amongst us forming a strong bond in our fellowships.


“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin …”

Zechariah 4:10 (New Living Translation)

God confirmed His word in the month of July 2000. It was during the third quarter membership meeting of Foursquare Gospel Church Ilasamaja that it was decided that a church be planted in Crystal Estate. My family was asked to lead the pioneering work. With Pastor Theophilus Ihejirika and a few others accepting to go with us from Ilasamaja church for the pioneering work and Festac District headquarter church (under the leadership of Rev Dr Richard Oloidi) deciding to post Pastor Godonu as associate pastor to the church, coupled with the counsel of Rev Mrs Rita Wakwe, we were encouraged to accept the assignment.

The next challenge was a place of worship. Both Ilasa & Festac churches that were expected to get a place for the new church did not do so until the Ilasamaja church’s AGMM that held in October 2000 during which the family of Dr & Mrs. Osaren Emokpae and two other families living in Amuwo Odofin were called forward, prayed for and sent forth to go and plant Crystal Estate Church. Having been introduced to the Godonu family (then of Festac church as associate minister), Dr & Mrs Emokpae arranged a meeting with them and the worshipers who chose or agreed to come with the Emokpae’s from Ilasamaja Church. At the meeting we agreed a date for the take-off of the Church as first Sunday of November 2000 under the canopy at the front of the home of the Emokpaes. The Emokpaes invited Elder (Gen) Toki and some other residents of Crystal and Jakande (Mile 2) Estates etc. as well as friends to the inaugural service. Rev Dom Ofuya ministered at the inauguration of the Church as acting senior pastor of the mother Church. He enjoined the worshipers to work as a team under God to enlarge God’s kingdom in Crystal Estate and beyond.

Subsequently the worshipers worshiped under the tent at the front of Dr Emokpae’s house for about a year. Many mid -week teachings and prayer meetings had only Pastor Godonu & Dr. Osaren Emokpae families attending in those early days. Pastor Godonu being an evangelist went around Mile 2 and environs inviting people to the church. The church began to grow. With the assistance of Elder (Gen) Toki they got a place of worship in the estate for a 10-year lease, which had to be renewed for another three years. As we now had a place of worship inside a building, evangelistic activity assumed higher tempo. We want to thank God for the families who attended the inauguration service & have remained till date, not just as worshipers, but pillars in the House of God. As the work progressed, several other families joined and at God’s appointed time some of them were sent forth to plant daughter churches.




By 2008 a church was planted in the UK from which 3 other Churches have emerged. Outside the UK missionary work and the Crystal Zonal Headquarter church, daughter and grand-daughter churches planted to-date are eight with the 9th one-Rhema chapel- to be inaugurated this month. Of all the goals set in 2000 virtually all have been achieved to the glory of God.

God has indeed been good to the church which moved from being a tent in the front of the Senior Pastors house to this sanctuary of grace, power and divine refuge with daughter churches and mentees in different parts of the world. From this permanent church auditorium (City of Refuge) in the highbrow area of Lake View Estate, the Church began focusing on four main areas of Ministry – Building leaders, Missions, Love and Prayers; thereby playing its role to actualize the vision of Foursquare National leadership and getting the message of salvation to many otherwise perishing souls. Our main thrust in the next 15 years is to build sustainable institutions, structures and processes in our church focusing on a number of things about activating hope for the hopeless and needy in our community as well as bless the rest of us. These are:

1. Feeding, housing and caring for the poor in our community

2. Showing them the way to eternal life and mentoring them all the way through

3. Helping them to achieve their purpose on Earth

4. Generating the enabling environment for the over-flow of the Holy Spirit, deeper attention on love ministry and bringing worship centers/local churches closer to the homes of people in our community.


With the vision court dedicated to the glory of God, the vision cast for the next 15 years, as inspired by Matthew 25:31-40 and the setting up of a campus of the Dream Centre named “The Refuge Centre” we are on course for a glorious future for our church. The Refuge Centre is set up for the provision of hot food for the hungry 7 days a week, provision of transit accommodation for the homeless, giving them skills and helping them into gainful employment, preaching Jesus to them and training/empowering church planters and evangelists amongst them. This way, we will be assisting them to achieve their purpose on earth and prepare their souls for heaven.

In a nutshell, the work towards actualizing this vision has begun with the inauguration of the Food court which gathers and caters weekly for people in their hundreds; serving both spiritual and physical meals twice a week (Tuesdays & Thursdays). This is done through the ministration of God’s word and prayers for the nourishment of the soul and spirit after which all present are given standardized and tasty meals for the nourishment of the body in line with the example set by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as stated in Matthew 14:13-21, Mark 6:31-44, Luke 9:10-17, John 6:5-15, Matthew 15:32-16:10 and Mark 8:1-9. The Food court activity is then followed by medical evangelistic outreaches on Fridays with the spiritual and physical health and wellbeing of interested participants being the primary focus. The next 15 years is indeed looking bright by the grace and mercies of God as we thank Him today and commit our works, actions, and activities unto Him knowing fully well that our plans shall be established in Him (Proverbs 16:3, Psalm 37:5 and Colossians 2:10.)

We sincerely celebrate all our past and present leaders, workers and worshippers both in the local church and daughter churches for the support and faithfulness. You are the success story that we are thanking God for today! We appreciate the commitment and doggedness of the 15th Anniversary Committee ably led by our dynamic and ebullient Mummy- Pastor(Mrs) Emily Odikanekwu for a job well done. May the Lord reward you abundantly. What an amazing opportunity to serve along with you in His vineyard. A bright and glorious future awaits us in Jesus name.



Vision Court



Food Court